Martabe farming project,
North Sumatra, Indonesia
Martabe vegetation project,
North Sumatra, Indonesia
Martabe community project,
North Sumatra, Indonesia

ESG Management

EMR Capital is committed to responsible investment by incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations in the evaluation and subsequent management of, and exit from, its portfolio companies.

EMR Capital’s approach to managing ESG includes conducting thorough due diligence on ESG matters pre-acquisition and to have stringent practices to manage the identified ESG risks and opportunities on an ongoing basis following acquisition. This ensures that ESG is a core focus for EMR Capital’s portfolio companies in all aspects of their operations, through to responsible exit from the investment.

EMR Capital’s ESG Policy and Guidelines describe the approach to managing ESG. These documents have been in place since 2013 and are reviewed regularly. The ESG Guideline is further supported by an ESG Framework and the use of international standards such as the IFC Performance Standards and the Equator Principles.

EMR Capital’s commitment to excellence in ESG management is evident throughout EMR Capital’s portfolio companies. EMR Capital appoints member(s) of its Executive and/or Advisory team to the Board of every portfolio company. These Executives have deep operational experience in ESG related matters and their responsibilities as Board Directors include monitoring the ESG compliance of portfolio companies.


Our portfolio companies design, construct and operate projects to avoid, mitigate or remediate environmental impacts; minimise the generation of waste; and use water, energy and other natural resources efficiently.


Our portfolio companies focus on creating long term sustainable benefits for the communities and regions in which they operate; building relationships and working in a cooperative manner with stakeholders. Our portfolio companies develop strong and positive safety cultures, creating a workplace that ensures everyone goes home safe and well, every day.


Governance is paramount in all aspects of our business including investment process, diligence, portfolio company structure, ongoing operations and exit. It is a major aspect of how we assess our portfolio performance. We have developed and implement a rigorous policy across the entire portfolio and in how we conduct our business.

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