The EMR Capital team combines deep resources technical, development and operational experience with strong investing, governance and financial expertise.

Our team comprise individuals with extensive experience in the resources industry, private equity and Asian markets; many of whom have worked together at different times over the last 30 years. 

Our Team

Owen Hegarty Owen Hegarty

Executive Chairman

Jason Chang Jason Chang

Managing Director and CEO

Tony Manini Tony Manini

Executive Director and Investment Committee

Rob Burns Rob Burns

Investment Committee

David Jones David Jones

Investment Committee and Chairman of Audit and Governance Committee

Ralph Ferguson Ralph Ferguson

Chief Financial Officer

Richard  Crookes Richard Crookes

Investment Director

Rob Curtis Rob Curtis

Investment Director

John Chomley John Chomley

Investment Director

Tim Lu Tim Lu

Director, China

Peter Herbert Peter Herbert

Director – Corporate Finance

Colin MacKay Colin MacKay

Board Director

Jade Tian Jade Tian

Vice President

Raza Khan Raza Khan

Vice President

Brendan Connelly Brendan Connelly

Senior Analyst